Man Vs Machine

So today I am performing my usual tasks at my local library branch; shelving all the returned DVDs, fiction books, graphic novels, audio CDs. yadda-yadda... when the fire alarm begins screeching.
And this mother is LOUD.
Everyone has to vacate the building immediately!
(And wouldn't you know it.... it happens to be pouring rain outside.
Now I first assumed this was simply just an annoying drill; nothing to take too seriously.
But then an actual tower engine arrives! Three well-dressed dudes scamper down from their perches and enter the library doors led by the library manager.
But then the hubbub quiets down quickly. The three dudes are huddling around the fire alarm box, trying to end the ear-splitting squeals...
but they don't seem to know what digital code(s) to enter.
Neither does my library manager, who immediately calls for help on his cell.

But they aren't able to provide him with any fixes either.

So I, my library associates, and all the patrons who had decided to visit us this miserable day, are standing outside in the rain for 15 minutes or so.

Finally, someone, or something, comes through (either that or the fire alarm automatically shuts off after a certain period of time).
We can all lolly back into the building :)
One keeps on hearing that any fears that we human beans have about "TECHNOLOGY" are unfounded.
"Tech is OUR FRIEND" is the slogan that we should all keep lodged in our collective minds.

Even when a f**king fire alarm can't be shut off, professionals in the field.

Jeffrey Slotnikoff

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