About the NAP

"Only in Numbers is there Strength"

The Newsstand Association of Philadelphia (NAP) are a group of business owners interested in building a strong relationship with the City of Philadelphia and our community neighbors.

As an Association our members are committed to improving and maintaining the physical appearance of each newsstand.

We have a diverse owner population and have supported new members as they join the Newsstand Association. One of our members was attacked early one morning with acid being thrown in her face as she opened her newsstand for business. The benevolent arm of the association stepped up and assisted with financial support in defraying her medical expenses. Our members are a visible reminder of the hope in the American Dream. Our Association members arrive early and stay late in an effort to achieve the realization of that dream.

Being part of the Community is very important to the Association and its’ members. We have worked on combating illiteracy by sponsoring Newspapers in Education programs at both Greenfield Elementary School and Friere Charter School.

As newspaper circulation has declined the newsstand has become more of a provider of public service to the citizens of Philadelphia. We are a major outlet for Pennsylvania State Lottery sales purchases. Some of our members open Saturdays and Sundays to accommodate their regular customers who play the Lottery. Contrary to popular belief the average commission earned by a newsstand on the lottery is minimal.

Many newsstands also carry prepaid parking smart cards along with Septa tokens and a one-day transit pass for tourists visiting Philadelphia. The PPA and Septa have seen an increase in sales of both items since the Associations members began selling them.

An initiative was proposed which would help to offset the demise of newsstand revenue by workers whose jobs have moved out of the city. With the City Council's support the Newsstand Association would be able to solicit additional advertising. This would be via the electronic display board currently on some newsstands. Currently we have not been able to estimate what types of advertising would want to be a part of this venture. If our request was approved we would donate a percentage of our advertising space to public service messages designed by an appropriate public agency.

As members of the Philadelphia Business Community we pay Business Privilege Tax, Net Profit Tax, Philadelphia School Tax, PA State Sales Tax. I hope I have enlightened interested individuals on the matter of newsstands and the Newsstand Association.